Adulting is hard. Anxiety makes it harder. It almost feels like no matter how many obstacles you conquer, another mountain immediately arrives. Your to-do list feels endless. However, you know you can’t back down if you want to accomplish your goals. Completing this never-ending list of adult tasks isn’t easy.  When I was first experiencing adulting anxiety in full swing after college, the strategy I was using to completing my goals wasn’t working. I needed to find a solution to conquering the anxiety and stress. I developed a few habits that were extremely effective. Of course, these tactics don’t completely alleviate stress and anxiety forever, but they certainly help keep my emotionsRead More →

A couple of weeks ago I experienced my official college graduation commencement. I actually finished school back in December, but was finally able to walk the stage last weekend. Going back to campus and hearing many of my old classmates have amazing careers made me critically think about my own goals and expectations. I may not have a full on “career” just yet, but I decided it was time to reevaluate smaller aspects of my life that were somewhat ignored in college. I shared an amazing article on my Facebook page that gave you 60 small goals to change your life in 100 days. The author mentioned that small changes canRead More →

This was probably the easiest “challenge” so far. Day three of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge asks you to declutter your digital life. Every once in a while I actually already do this on my laptop and iPhone, especially at the end of a semester. Much like little Wall-E, I don’t like feeling like I’m swimming in files on my desktop or applications on my phone. My Experience: Whenever I declutter and organize my digital life, I go through all of my documents and downloads on my laptop and see which ones I can send to the trash. Most of the time I find random downloads that IRead More →