Learn seven ways you can stay motivated and work hard to accomplish all of your long-term goals, allowing yourself to achieve the life of your dreams.

It seems like during each new year, the concept of a “new year’s resolution” is slowly losing its appeal. More and more, you see bloggers and motivational speakers talking about how most people don’t keep resolutions throughout the year. Instead, they often recommend that you approach the new year with a different strategy, such as choosing a “word of the year” or setting smaller, month to month goals. I personally don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to tackle the new year because I’ve personally had success with both resolutions and scattered short-term goals. It all depends on the person, what works best forRead More →

I was excited to read that the 7th day of the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge is dedicated to streamlining your reading list. I love reading, and I’m so excited that I’ve had more free time to read for pleasure since I graduated college. Reading more is actually one of my goals for this year. I have a few books on my mind that I wanted to try and read, so looks like now is the perfect time to make an official list! My Current Reading List The Wife by Meg Wolitzer – After I graduated and finished reading The E-Ticket Life, I was lost on what I shouldRead More →

Now that I’m done with college and taking on the new year, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a step back and figure out what I really want to do with my time. I’m so used to the pressures of always working on projects or homework assignments, but now that I’m not studying for tests I’d love to use that time productively and find new hobbies and things I enjoy doing. A blogger I follow, Cara from Onwards and Upwards, posted some of her resolutions and reflections for 2016. She included a 30 day challenged dedicated to focusing on a more minimalisticRead More →

You guys, I did it! I conquered the impossible! I finished college! I’ve been blogging about my final semester in school for a bit, but to actually be able to say that I finished finals and I am now a college graduate is absolutely surreal. This is something I’ve been planning and aiming towards for more than five years. It’s crazy to think that back in high school, college was only a distant thought. Now, it’s a part of my history. What’s the plan now? Well, like most successful business school graduates…I’m still figuring that out. I am definitely trying my best to work outRead More →