This is how you will finally change your life. Feeling stuck? Unsure what to do next? See yourself repeating the same bad habits and patterns? This blog post explains exactly what's missing and what you need to change in order to finally change your life.

Have you ever notice that often times when we give advice to someone, they don’t listen? They simply carry on with their original behavior, as if what you suggested didn’t really matter. Frustrating, right? People started coming to me for advice back in high school. I’m not really sure why, but I think it was because I was quiet and a good listener. However, plenty of people who came to me for advice kept making the same decisions and mistakes that they would ask me for help about in the first place. It was incredibly frustrating, and I almost just wanted to say, “Why doRead More →

How to change your life with the law of attraction. Manifest your biggest dreams and turn them into a reality in three simple steps! Plus, I give examples about how the law of attraction has worked in my life, before I even knew what it was!

  I did it, you guys! I made my first Youtube video for this blog!! In the last few months of exploring and learning about personal development, manifesting and the Law of Attraction are topics that have come up frequently. A friend of mine asked me if I had heard about manifesting before, but I was officially introduced to the idea in my favorite book, You Are A Badass. It’s all about the power of your mindset, and how if you raise your frequencies to a high and positive level, the Universe will respond with exactly what you need. Don’t believe me? I break thisRead More →