My top 5 most recommended guided meditations for both beginners and veterans to help improve mental health, mindfulness, and contribute to your overall self-care - Sara Katherine

Meditation is growing in popularity as the self-care and mental health awareness movement grows among society, and for good reasons! I used to only dabble in the occasional meditation when I was dealing with high stress levels, but I soon learned how important it is to include meditation in your life on a regular basis. Meditating regularly can benefit your life in numerous ways. For example, not only can it reduce stress, but it can help increase your attention span, strengthen your immunity levels, improve your metabolism, sleep better, and so much more! ¬†I definitely noticed an immediate improvement in my overall life when IRead More →

Mental health is incredibly important. I’ve definitely struggled with anxiety through most of my life. Despite the fact that most of the time I feel rather alright, there are definitely moments where I feel lost and confused. I dedicated the past few months¬†towards improving myself mentally and finally taking control of my anxiety. My first big step was finally booking an appointment to go see a therapist. I’m so thankful to have found a wonderful, caring (and affordable) counselor that’s helped me through challenging moments this year. While I do feel like I’m making progress, I know I’m going to have to keep working onRead More →

The second day of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge asks for you to meditate for 15 minutes. I’ve practiced meditation before, a few times when I’ve been overly overwhelmed and stressed about various aspects of my life. Right now I’m not particularly stressed about anything (I finally finished a seven day work week so I’ve been celebrating by watching Parks and Rec in bed all day.) I was curious to see how meditation would work when I was already rather calm for the day, and I think the result was rather interesting. My Experience: I downloaded an app on my phone called “Take a Break.”Read More →