Adulting is hard. Anxiety makes it harder. It almost feels like no matter how many obstacles you conquer, another mountain immediately arrives. Your to-do list feels endless. However, you know you can’t back down if you want to accomplish your goals. Completing this never-ending list of adult tasks isn’t easy.  When I was first experiencing adulting anxiety in full swing after college, the strategy I was using to completing my goals wasn’t working. I needed to find a solution to conquering the anxiety and stress. I developed a few habits that were extremely effective. Of course, these tactics don’t completely alleviate stress and anxiety forever, but they certainly help keep my emotionsRead More →

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. As I was finishing college back in late 2015, I thought I had my future figured out. I had a great part-time job with wonderful people, and quickly landed a three-month social media internship with potential for a full-time dream career. I was well on my way towards the American dream: received my degree and paved a path for a successful career in my area of study. Of course, life threw a curveball and the internship did not pan out as expected. I decided to continue with my original part-time job at Disney instead of staying with my internship team.Read More →

As we grow older, our friendships with others change. It’s easy to grow your friend circle in high school because you see each other every day. College can be similar – a much more social culture for many students. However, if you’re not in a classroom every day, how do you make friends as an adult? Through my life, I’ve developed friendships in a variety of ways. I was on sports teams, active in high school clubs, participated in a teen church group, joined organizations in junior college, and found incredible friends through social media. After I moved to Southern California to finish my finalRead More →

A couple of weeks ago I experienced my official college graduation commencement. I actually finished school back in December, but was finally able to walk the stage last weekend. Going back to campus and hearing many of my old classmates have amazing careers made me critically think about my own goals and expectations. I may not have a full on “career” just yet, but I decided it was time to reevaluate smaller aspects of my life that were somewhat ignored in college. I shared an amazing article on my Facebook page that gave you 60 small goals to change your life in 100 days. The author mentioned that small changes canRead More →

One of the most daunting tasks at the beginning of every semester is buying textbooks. When I was in college, I remember looking at the prices of my required text at the college bookstore and cry a little on the inside. The best way I was able to ease the pain was from buying and renting my textbooks on various websites. I would save hundreds every semester; it was fantastic! After four years of buying textbooks in college, here are my top recommendations for saving money when purchasing or renting your books: Bigwords I always came to this website first before any other textbook site becauseRead More →

The weekend after I ventured to the Grand Canyon for the first time, I tried a few new things closer to home with another one of my best friends. When Holly came to visit, we had three goals in mind: Disneyland, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). I had never been to the last two locations, so I was excited to see what they were about!   After a fun-filled and action packed day in Disneyland, Holly and I woke up early to drive straight to Burbank for our tour at Warner Bros. Studios. I’ve been meaning to takeRead More →

  Last weekend, I had the rare chance of having Sunday off from work. (Usually my job requires me to work weekends…but this was a random exception.) Instead of my usual lounging around watching Netflix like I usually do on my days off, my boyfriend told me to be ready by noon to be picked up. I had no idea where we were going, but I was definitely happy with the destination. I’ve been talking about wanting to go to San Diego for a few months now. I’d never been, and it seemed so beautiful in some areas and just somewhere I wanted to explore.Read More →

This was an interesting task for the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. Really facing the facts and looking at what I commit most of my time to during an average day wasn’t necessarily easy to face, because I know I could be more productive in certain areas of my life. Here’s what I discovered when I wrote down everything I’m committed to (in no particular order): My Commitments Work – I’m very committed to my current job. Every day I strive to do my best, and I’ll definitely start applying this habit to my second job/internship I’m starting in February. Friends & Family – These peopleRead More →

I found it interesting that after the first day of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge (stay offline all day), they still had a day that required you to stay away from email and social media until lunchtime. Either way, it was a good challenge for me and a reminder that there are plenty of other things to do in the morning besides stay on my phone for an hour after I wake up. My Experience: I actually forgot about this challenge at first, but quickly realized my errors as soon as I logged on to Instagram. I might have cheated a little bit because I’veRead More →

I’ve actually recently been embracing this day’s challenge naturally within the recent months. While I do enjoy hanging out with friends and family, I do value my alone time. For today’s challenge (learn to enjoy solitude), I’m going to reflect on some of my favorite activities to participate in by myself, in no particular order. How I Enjoy Solitude Netflix – This is probably no surprise. Binge watching shows is almost a specialty of mine. I remember watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time and finishing all seasons except the final one (which hadn’t aired yet) in only 2-3 weeks over theRead More →