Create a Life you Love without letting people-pleasing or perfectionism hold you back

Hi! I'm Sara.

I’m a Self-Discovery Coach, author and podcast host here to help you:

💜 Understand who you are and what you want

💜 Skyrocket your confidence in yourself

💜 Actually achieve your goals

💜 Release from perfectionism & people-pleasing

💜 Put yourself first

Sound good to you? If so, scroll down for ways you can achieve all of the above!

free Resources

3-Step Life Audit Workbook

Find clarity about what you need in order to confidently put yourself first, in only three steps!

3 Steps to Creating Achievable Goals

A free workshop to help people-pleasers and perfectionists actually achieve their goals in life.

Ongoing Tips and advice

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Student Transformations

"Sara is so wonderful to work with! I really enjoyed her program. I really struggle with people-pleasing and Sara has helped me work through that issue by narrowing down my habits and building more confidence in myself. Her workbooks are so helpful and really guide you to build healthy boundaries!"
Andria G.
"I definitely recommend working with Sara! She helped me learn about myself, set goals, make a plan, and go to where I need to be. I felt highly motivated and realized how important it is to prioritize goals for hobbies and things that bring me joy rather than just career and financial goals. If you're looking to discover yourself, find clarity, and kick-start your life, Sara gives you all the knowledge and tools to do just that and more!"
Isabella G.
"I honestly can't say how happy I am to be a part of the Self-Discovery Society! I’ve learned from this program that it is okay to focus on yourself and that it is okay to not please everyone because, in the grand scheme of things, you will never please everyone."
Nikki L.

Let's Work Together

Self-Discovery Starter Kit

A bundle of the best courses and masterclasses to become empowered to put yourself first!

self-love made easy

Self-Love Made Easy

A self-paced mini-course created to help you build your self-esteem and start loving yourself again, in three easy steps!

Self-Discovery Society

An exclusive membership community to help people-pleasing perfectionists actually achieve their goals.


Your Self-Discovery Journal

Take the time to get to know yourself and start living a life full of joy, self-awareness, and self-love with this journal and guidebook designed to help you find your passions, purpose, motivations, and more.

Self-discovery is an important and exciting process. When you connect with your inner self you will feel more confident in your decisions and your ability to move towards a path that is authentically aligned with you.

In Your Self-Discovery Journal, you will find inspiring, thoughtful exercises, guided journal prompts, creative activities, meditations, and more that will guide you to a deeper, truer understanding of yourself. These practical and inspiring activities will help you identify your values, strengths, weaknesses, talents, and more. You’ll learn how to celebrate the things that make you unique and discover practical ideas for staying motivated, facing fears or discomfort, and giving yourself grace throughout your self-discovery process. Start your journey of self-discovery today!

I'm Awesome. Here's Why... by Sara Katherine

I'm Awesome. Here's Why...

You’re totally awesome—let these creative exercises, cool prompts, and fun activities help remind you why. 

When’s the last time you felt good—really good—about yourself? Between the unrealistic standards of social media, to the Photoshopped images of celebrities in the media, and the constant voice in our head saying we have to be faster, better, and smarter in our personal lives, at work, and everywhere in between, it’s easy to lose sight of your self-worth. Sometimes, we all need a kick in the butt to remind us just how awesome we are. 

I’m Awesome. Here’s Why… is that kick.

With prompts, exercises, lists, and activities, I’m Awesome: Here’s Why will help remind you of all the reasons why you are unique, cool—and yes, awesome. Through fun prompts and writing exercises like listing ten things you’re proud of, drawing your idea of the perfect Friday night, creating your own personal affirmations to read out loud, and delivering an acceptance speech for an award of your choice, you’ll learn to celebrate what makes you, you. 

Loving yourself can take practice, but there is no shortage of things to love. Let I’m Awesome. Here’s Why… help you discover each and every one.

I'm Awesome. Here's Why... by Sara Katherine

Be Happy. Be Calm. Be YOU.

Take time for yourself with these 100 prompts and mindful meditations to help you through stressful times—no matter what you’re going through.

It’s easy to feel stressed, worried, or anxious throughout the day. But what if those negative feelings no longer had to take over your life? This journal can help put your problems in perspective and allows you to think them through with purpose and mindfulness.

These 100 soothing journal prompts are designed to help you focus on the present and stop stressing out about the future. Each entry tackles the obstacles that life throws your way on a daily basis and gives you a chance to think about how you’re feeling and how you want to respond through writing exercises, fill-in-the-blanks, and creative drawing prompts. Whether it’s a situation with friends, issues with family, or the pressures of school or work, you will learn how to live in the moment, feel your feelings, and stop stressing out.

Now no matter what curveball life throws your way, you have the skills to handle those struggles head on, without feeling overwhelmed. Armed with these meditation skills, mantras, and journal exercises, worrying will be a thing of the past and you can finally breath, relax, and start feeling better about today.

Listen to the Podcast

Be Your Own Badass Podcast

Be Your Own badass

A podcast created to help overwhelmed women stop people-pleasing and live life guilt-free for putting themselves first.

If you’re feeling lost and unsure about yourself, it’s time to start finding clarity and feel empowered to create the life YOU want.

You only have one lifetime, why not be your own badass?

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