Yesterday I took an impromptu trip to the mall with my friend Diana, simply because the Chipotle in the food court has carnitas and the one next to our school does not. After devouring our burrito bowls, we browsed through Forever 21, Sephora, Hot Topic, and even a puppy store (they were SO CUTE). Shockingly enough, we didn’t buy anything. The only products we walked out with were free samples of face masks from Lush. This was actually my first time trying out a Lush product. I’ve been in the store before (my best friend is completely obsessed) and seen plenty of Snapchats and photos onRead More →

At the beginning of the semester, I created a quick list of goals I wanted to complete throughout my finals months of college. Now that I’ve completed midterms and I’m officially halfway through the semester, I thought it’d be fun to go through each goal and see the progress I’ve been making (or lack of progress….sadly). Avoid procrastinating – I have yet to stay up extremely late to work on an assignment, project, or study for a test, which I’m very proud of. During midterms I had a report, slideshow, three exams, and a presentation all in a span of two days, and I stillRead More →

I’m currently experiencing my final semester in college, which can imply a few things: Classes are demanding, group projects are abundant, a social life is minimal, and you have the ever-looming question of “What am I doing after graduation?” constantly pestering you in the back of your head each day. After my Disney College Program, I thought I had my entire future planned out. I knew I needed to finish my marketing degree, gain experience in an internship, network, and then apply for Disney Professional Internships for immediately after graduation. In the meantime, I’d work in Disneyland part-time to keep my foot in the door with theRead More →

I finally created a Facebook page for this blog! It’s still a rather work in progress, but please give it a look and like if you want to stay updated on blog posts! Also, if you don’t already…here are some other social media sites you can follow me on! Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr That’s about it! Since this was a rather quick and easy post…here’s a two minute video of adorable cats. Have a wonderful day everyone!Read More →

All of my friends know me as an avid Netflix and TV show binge watcher. There’s always at least one show that I’m constantly streaming or avidly waiting for a new episode week after week. However, I think I may have gotten in a little over my head…this fall’s list of shows airing each week that I’m actively following has exceeded any fall season of shows I’ve ever watched…and they’re ALL good!! Here’s a list of all the great shows I’m watching this season. (I almost have one for each day of the week. Help.) Sundays: Once Upon a Time I’ve been hooked on thisRead More →

I found this lovely tag on, and just had to do it! We may not get much actual “sweater weather” during the fall in Southern California…but the idea of fall is still very much loved. Without further ado, here’s my answers for the Sweater Weather Tag! Favorite candle scent? Pumpkin, cinnamon, apples…honestly I’m not very picky with candles as long as they don’t smell like a flowery women’s perfume. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Coffee. No hesitation. What’s the best fall memory you have? I don’t know if I can think of anything specific…but one event that does come to mind is the fact thatRead More →

I will always remember the first time I felt really proud of what I wrote for school. It was a story we had to create for ourselves about our journey on the Oregon Trail way back when I was in 5th grade. I was so confident that it was the best one in the group, I even voted for myself when we needed to choose whose story was going to be read to the class out of our group. Mine didn’t get picked, but I will always remember how happy I was with what I wrote that day. Now I’m much more humble about myRead More →

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll I discovered Luckiest Girl Alive during a day I was feeling a little less confident in myself. I felt like I needed a change, and a new book was definitely the first step I wanted to take towards something different. I took a spontaneous trip to Target an afternoon while I was on my way to work, made a beeline to the book section and pulled up Pinterest on my phone. I have an entire pinboard dedicated to books, reading, writing… pretty much everything good in this world. A few days before this, I found a list on Pinterest filled with booksRead More →

This was certainly a pleasant surprise to see when I woke up this morning! HUGE thank you to the always wonderful Free Form Happiness for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Her blog is lovely and you’re missing out if you don’t follow her. I’m still very new to the lifestyle/non-Disney blogging community, but I’ve been loving every minute of it! Ideas are constantly flowing in my head, and I love that I can express myself freely about basically anything that comes to mind! The Rules 1. First, you have to thank the person who nominated you. 2. Write 7 facts about yourself. 3.Read More →

One of my new favorite blogs, Dani Dearest, recently posted an article about her goals for the Fall 2015 semester. As I was reading, my wheels started turning and I realized it would probably be a good idea to create some goals of my own for this semester, especially because it’s my last semester in college. As the semester progresses, I’ll try to keep you guys posted to see I completed any of these goals. I may even edit this list every once in a while! Here are some goals I created for my final semester before I graduate: Avoid procrastinating – I rarely flat-outRead More →