5 Favorite Millennial Blogs You Need to Read

Five of my favorite twenty-something bloggers who aim to help millennials in school, life, college, career, finance, blogging, and so much more! I highly recommend you read their blogs!

Since relaunching my blog back in March, I’ve connected some incredible and wonderful fellow twenty-something bloggers along the way. These girls have inspired and helped me when I felt in a rut whether they reached out and connected with me or just had some inspiring content on their site! Plus, they’re all wonderful people, and I think wonderful people deserve love and appreciation!

This week, I’m sharing five of my favorite fellow millennial bloggers. These ladies blog in various niches, from career to finance, blogging, and more! I highly recommend you check out their sites!

These badass lady bloggers aren’t in any particular order, and aren’t my only recommendations! I’m aiming to share some more of my favorites every few weeks!

Kristen – The Sophisticated Gal

Kristen is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I relaunched my site. She actually wrote a popular guest post on my blog: What I Would’ve Told Myself as a Recent College Grad. I also wrote a guest post for her site, and had the opportunity to do an interview for her #InspiringGirlBoss series! Kristen is a millennial career blogger who aims to help women find their voice and follow their dreams in the real world. She also has an Etsy shop filled with amazing resume templates and provides resume writing and cover letter editing services for job seekers!

Sheila – In Search of Sheila

If you’re a blogger looking to step up your blogging and social media game, I highly recommend checking out Sheila’s site! All of her blog posts and live videos on Instagram and in her Facebook group are filled with a crazy amount of helpful and high-quality information to help you grow your blog and/or business with intention. Her passion for her niche and topic shines through in her writing. She actually balances a full-time job as an archivist while consistently producing amazing advice and content on her site. I seriously admire her for it!

Amanda & Julia – The A&J Muse

These gorgeous ladies are career and finance bloggers in Australia! Their site aims to help millennials support each other and do life together, especially with financial tips and career advice! Amanda and Julia also provide resume and cover letter service packages for anyone who needs extra assistance during their job search. Amanda also just launched her own copywriting and stock photography business, Plush Content Co!

Dani – Dani Dearest

I’ve been following Dani’s blog since before I really started this blog over a year ago! We actually connected through Facebook one day when Dani reached out and told me she’s been reading my blog, and now talk rather frequently about our blogging journeys, and hopefully, one day will meet in person since we both go to Disneyland rather frequently! She offers great advice for college students to help them excel in both their lives and studies. Dani also has great productivity and organization tips for any age, as well as a positive and inspiring personality!

Imani – Dear Little Sister

I actually met Imani through an Instagram course we were both enrolled in from Jacinta Grand. Imani has such a beautiful soul and positive attitude, it’s an absolute joy to have connected with her and follow her! Imani’s blog and podcast, Dear Little Sister, give advice to high school girls trying to find their way through their teen years on personal and spiritual levels. She’s actually a leader of a small group of lovely high school students, and uses her blog and podcast to stay connected with them!

Are you a twenty-something blogger? Comment below a link to your site and what you blog about, I’d love to check it out!


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Five of my favorite twenty-something bloggers who aim to help millennials in school, life, college, career, finance, blogging, and so much more! I highly recommend you read their blogs!


  1. I love getting inspiration for new bloggers to follow! There’s a few in there that I didn’t know about! I discovered your blog through Sheila!

    My blog is a lifestyle and personal development blog geared towards self-love and learning all the tools and strategies associated to that! I want women to be empowered to push themselves and become the best version of themselves <3


  2. Hi Sara! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award over at castlepartyblog.com 🙂

    Check out our latest post to learn more!

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