Why You Should Surround Yourself With Positive People

Why surrounding yourself with positive people can change your life - Sara Katherine

“Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people – people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories.” – Jack Canfield

Once you graduate college, you have a higher flexibility to pick your friends as an adult. Instead of going to class every day and seeing the same people, you have the opportunity to seek out certain types of friends or cut off those who you don’t want in your life. While it’s sometimes challenging to find friends as an adult, this is a fantastic chance to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people.

While finding others who have similar interests as you is important for friendships if you’re trying to live your best life and achieve big goals in your twenties, it’s incredibly important to connect with others who will support and love you unconditionally along the way.

Surrounding yourself with positive people can make or break your experience as you work towards your goals and dreams. Think about it…if you’re trying to land your dream job, do you want friends who will inspire and empower you, or tell you it’s too hard? Do you want to settle for what’s “easy” to achieve, or boost yourself to an entirely new level, creating the life you want?

If someone is a positive influence on your life, it will make all the difference when you’re exploring yourself and growing into the person you aspire to be. The impacts and differences that immersing yourself with positive people can bring you include…


What’s better than your own personal cheerleading squad? Surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your life will provide you exactly that. They compliment you, push you, and overall encourage you to grow and become the best version of yourself. They have the utmost confidence in you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

Positive Influence

Your circle should consist of your own role models. Gravitating towards people you admire will not only inspire you to rise up to their level, but also their best and most successful traits will start to influence your behavior. If you’re spending time with people who complain, procrastinate, and always make excuses, you’ll start to follow suit in your own daily activities and life. However, if you’re surrounded by others who push themselves, have uplifting attitudes, and always strive for their best, these qualities will also start to seep into your daily life and character. What kinds of habits and traits do you want in your life?

Focus on Your Best Traits

A solid and positive group of people will help you discover the best parts of yourself. They will compliment and uplift your spirits and self-confidence, encouraging you to focus on your strengths and cultivating these strengths to help you grow. If you’re feeling lost and unsure of yourself, ask someone close to you for three to five strengths they see in you, or your best qualities. You might discover something you would never have discovered on your own!

Support During Hard Times

If you’re striving to achieve personal and professional goals and stepping outside of your comfort zone to grow, there will undoubtedly be tough times along the way. During these difficult moments, immersing yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you to continue can make or break your journey. Your supportive tribe will push you, give you important advice, help you progress, and sometimes give some tough love you’ll need in order to move forward.

Applaud Your Victories

While personally celebrating your victories is important, it makes all the difference to have other people supporting you and celebrating right there with you. Hearing and knowing that someone out there is proud of you and let you know you’re doing a great job helps boost self-confidence and increase your motivation to keep striving to accomplish your goals and dreams.


When I decided to jump into freelancing and blogging full-time around a month ago, I could never have done it without a strong and encouraging support system. This support system was more than just my close friends and family, but also a positive community of fellow twenty-somethings and entrepreneurs from Facebook groups and connections I made on social media. With this in mind, I decided I wanted to help provide this kind of supportive tribe for others exploring their lives and growing in their 20s.

I’m excited to announce that I have created and launched a free brand new Facebook group: Twenty-Something Strong!

This is a group dedicated to those who are currently exploring their twenties and striving to achieve their dream life! Twenty-Something Strong consists of daily prompts to assist with setting and achieving goals, career advice, self-care tips, and much more!

If you’d like to take a step forward towards positivity and growth, become a part of our amazing tribe on Facebook now!

With love,

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Why surrounding yourself with positive people can help you accomplish your goals, live your dreams, change your life


  1. I completely believe in surrounding yourself with positive people! It can be very difficult to be the only positive person in a negative and toxic environment. Negativity is more contagious than positivity (because it’s easier), but when you make the decision to be positive, it can be very powerful.

    1. Author

      You’re exactly right, Bethany! Negativity is so much easier than positivity when you’re not actively practicing a positive thought process. So easy to get stuck in the negative!

  2. You are the product of the 5 people you are closest to! This is an excellent reminder. Thank you ox

  3. I agree! You should always have positive people around you because they will always uplift you.

    1. Author

      Exactly! It’s always nice to have those people that life you up instead of bringing you down.

  4. I think this is such an important reminder to have! I never want to be surrounded by people who are tearing me down or complaining, but rather people who encourage me and inspire me! Also one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to be friends with people who are smarter than you, there are always opportunities to learn!
    xo, Syd

    1. Author

      I completely agree! Surrounding yourself with positive and super successful people will help you learn and hopefully push yourself to be even better!

  5. Great post Sara! We all experience self-doubt from time to time, and I believe that’s when it’s most important to have a strong circle of positive supporters to give us that extra push. Thanks again, Sara! We all need this reminder!

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