My Top 5 Meditation Recommendations

My top 5 most recommended guided meditations for both beginners and veterans to help improve mental health, mindfulness, and contribute to your overall self-care - Sara Katherine

Meditation is growing in popularity as the self-care and mental health awareness movement grows among society, and for good reasons! I used to only dabble in the occasional meditation when I was dealing with high stress levels, but I soon learned how important it is to include meditation in your life on a regular basis.

Meditating regularly can benefit your life in numerous ways. For example, not only can it reduce stress, but it can help increase your attention span, strengthen your immunity levels, improve your metabolism, sleep better, and so much more!  I definitely noticed an immediate improvement in my overall life when I started to meditate every day.

I’ve explored quite a few different websites, Youtube channels, and apps for free guided meditations throughout the past year. I compiled my top five favorite meditation practices that I recommend for you to try, in no particular order. These are great for beginners or veterans!

My Five Favorite Guided Meditations

30 Day Meditation Challenge on DoYouYoga

30 Day Meditation Challenge

If you’re brand new to meditation, or have some experience but want to grow more consistent with your meditation practice, the 30 Day Meditation Challenge from DoYouYoga is a great way to start. Faith Hunter guides you through 30 different meditation practices, each only around 10 minutes long. The videos from this challenge are great additions to your morning routine, as you wind down for the night, or if you simply want to spend a few mindful minutes.

Letting Go Meditation

This was my favorite meditation while I was experiencing the 30 Day Meditation Challenge on DoYouYoga. If you have problems letting go or ruminating on negative thoughts, I highly recommend giving this meditation a try. If you like it, give the 30-day challenge with Faith Hunter a try!

Guided sleep meditation

Meditation for Sleep

Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep, so I decided to search for a guided meditation to help. The session I found on Meditainment was definitely relaxing, and it must have worked because next thing I knew I was waking up with my headphones still in my ears! I apply some of the guidelines and techniques taught through the narration on a now somewhat regular basis when I’m trying to fall asleep. Meditainment also has various other meditations you can try, with new sessions sent to you every month when you sign up for free. If you upgrade to Pro with a one-time payment, you will immediately unlock all 18 meditations.

Guided Meditation – Clearing Negativity

I stumbled across this video through a simple search on Youtube, and I’m SO thankful I found it. This is one of the most powerful meditations I have ever experienced. This video helped me uncover some of my deep current fears that were holding me back, address them with love, and discover a plan to move forward with positivity. I was actually crying (in a good way) throughout this session, which seems to be common from the comments on Youtube.

Headspace guided meditation recommendation

Headspace (Mobile App)

I’ve mentioned Headspace in a previous post, but I still highly recommend this app to anyone who’s new to the meditation practice. The narrator gently guides you through a very basic and easy path to help you develop a strong mindful base. Additionally, he includes occasional videos depicting the importance of the meditation process. He breaks down the science of mindfulness, living in the moment, and not latching onto negative thoughts or feelings, which is incredibly important for someone struggling with anxiety or intrusive thoughts.

If you try any of the above recommendations, let me know what you think in the comments! Also, please share any favorite guided meditations you recommend!

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My top 5 most recommended guided meditations for both beginners and veterans to help improve mental health, mindfulness, and contribute to your overall self-care


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      I highly recommend starting! Even if it’s just five minutes of mindful breathing, it can really make a difference!

    1. Author

      I love guided imagery meditations as well! The site I recommended above, Meditainment, has similar guided meditations with great imagery and sounds.

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