7 Recommended Job Search Sites and Strategies

Job search sites and strategies by Sara Katherine

This is it. You’ve decided it’s time to find a new job. You know what you want, and it’s time to find it. (Or, you have a basic idea and you’re ready to start searching. Either works!)

But…now what?

Where do you start looking? Online? Through friends and colleagues? Cold calling?

There’s almost an overwhelming number of job sites and options out there, so I want to share with you my go-to sites and methods for the job search. Taking a look at the following options will help you take your first steps towards finding your new career!


Fun fact: Linkedin is actually how I landed my first and current full-time job. One of my current company’s employees found me through a search on the site, messaged me about their open marketing position, and the rest is history! I’ve also landed a job through the Linkedin Jobs site. I love how easy it is for you to apply with your Linkedin profile! You have the option to upload a resume as well, but I personally think my Linkedin profile is a much better example of all of my experience and skills. Also, don’t be afraid to start networking for potential jobs through Linkedin connections. (I will create a separate blog post dedicated to exploring the depths and opportunities with Linkedin in the near future!)


This is where I discovered and snagged my social media internship last year! Indeed is currently one of the biggest online job boards available, with an easy option to upload your resume to your account and apply through their site. However, I do recommend trying to find the original job posting on the company’s official website and following those instructions to learn more about the company and decrease any chances of missing required steps when applying for the position.

Ask Your Network

Don’t be afraid to start asking your friends, family, and colleagues about any potential jobs they might be able to connect you with! You never know what connections they have to people who could be interested in you for a position! If you want to connect with someone that you’re not incredibly close to, don’t be afraid to reach out to chat over lunch or coffee to get to know him or her on both a personal and professional level.


I know, I know…I’m a little weary about this option too. However, I know professionals that have posted jobs on Craigslist and occasionally find some good side hustle options for various kinds of industries and professions. It’s worth a shot to at least browse. You’ll never know what you might find!


While many of the job postings on Glassdoor are usually the same or similar to what you can find on Indeed and Linkedin, this website has a great feature where current and previous employees rate and review the companies they worked for, talk about their experience in their position with the company, and give examples of interview questions while they were applying for the job. This is a very helpful and handy feature to help you learn more about the company from the inside, and whether or not there are any red flags (or green ones!)  you might not realize unless you worked there!

Company Websites

I highly recommend looking at job opportunities posted on official websites for companies that interest you. The job descriptions on their official site can give even more information about the job, as well as direct contact information for applying that some job post websites might not provide.

Other Job Websites

These are some other popular website for job seekers that I don’t use too often, but are always worth searching through! Many of these job search sites also have corresponding apps, which make job searching easy while you’re on the go!

I recommend caution when uploading resumes to your account on any of these websites. I’ve heard that some of these sites sell your resume to random sales recruiters. I actually believe this because I received anonymous and vague calls from recruiters during my last job hunting session.

Which job sites have you tried? Let me know in the comments!

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