7 Important Blog Goals for the New Year

With the new year quickly approaching and a few months of my new job under my belt, I decided it was time to take blogging more seriously. Since I accepted a full-time job that requires an hour commute (both ways), it took some time to adjust to my new schedule. Now that I’ve developed somewhat of a routine, I can finally strive for a specific direction and achieve some blog goals within the new year.

  1. Transfer to Web Host – I figured it was time to move away from WordPress.com to a hosting site to gain more control over my website. This is a first for me so please bear with me during the upcoming transitional period.
  2. Rebrand and Relaunch – I may have been a little MIA with the blog posts recently, but I have been working hard figuring out exactly what direction I want to create with this blog. A couple of weeks ago, I finally found the central vision and brand to follow with the upcoming new year. I’m incredibly excited! (You’ll find out what it is soon!)
  3. Blog Weekly – This has been a goal of mine for too long. Blogging seriously also means blogging consistently for my readers. Knowing this, my habits of only posting sporadically around once or twice a month needs to change.
  4. Create an Email Newsletter – Email marketing is incredibly effective tool for reaching out to readers and increasing overall blog engagement. I’m actually in charge of the email marketing for my new job, so I’d love to take this newfound knowledge and apply it to an email newsletter for this site.
  5. Grow Social Media – Brand new Instagram and Twitter accounts were launched earlier last week! It was time to break away from my personal accounts and create platforms specifically for this blog. Also don’t forget I have a Facebook page and Pinterest account as well!
  6. Create a Business Plan – I want to eventually start creating a business out of this blog. Through this, I will need to create a business plan. This is more of a long-term goal, but I keep it in mind during these relaunch plans.
  7. Launch an E-Course – I definitely want to launch an e-course to help others. Whether it’s career, relationships, self-care…anything that other fellow young adults and twenty-somethings can feel they’d benefit and learn from. (If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!)

If you have any tips, advice, favorite websites for blogging and bloggers, please leave some suggestions in the comments below!

Do you have any blogging goals for the new year?


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