Manage Anxiety With 2 Important Mobile Apps

Mental health is incredibly important. I’ve definitely struggled with anxiety through most of my life. Despite the fact that most of the time I feel rather alright, there are definitely moments where I feel lost and confused. I dedicated the past few months towards improving myself mentally and finally taking control of my anxiety.

My first big step was finally booking an appointment to go see a therapist. I’m so thankful to have found a wonderful, caring (and affordable) counselor that’s helped me through challenging moments this year. While I do feel like I’m making progress, I know I’m going to have to keep working on improving even more each day. On those certain days that seem tougher than usual, I found two important apps that have definitely helped in those low moments that I highly recommend everyone to try.


I’ve used various meditation apps and websites before, but nothing really stuck and helped like this one. The free download includes ten different sessions of beginner meditation called “Take 10” with cute informative animated videos scattered throughout. If you buy a subscription, the app includes various solo meditation session for any occasion: sleeping, fear of flying,  depression, stress, motivation, etc. The guided meditation and lessons in Take 10 are simple, straightforward, and applicable to managing stress or anxiety throughout the day.


This app has almost everything you’d need for managing anxiety, depression, stress…basically anything to help improve your mental health. Pacifica contains tools to track your mood, health habits, set personal daily goals, relaxation techniques, guided meditation….the list continues.

I love the anonymous chatrooms. Each categorized room is dedicated to specific needs or mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression. Each subject splits into subcategories. For example, anxiety also dives into over thinking, work stress, and relationship anxiety. There are users in these rooms that not only understand what you’re experiencing, but are there to help. In return, you can help others who are struggling with difficult times. Those rooms have honestly helped me through some very low moments in my life.

The combination of therapy and these two apps have drastically improved managing anxiety and stress this month. I highly recommend giving these a try, especially when many of the benefits are free!

Do you have any recommended self-care apps? Let me know in the comments!


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