A Surprise Trip to San Diego


Last weekend, I had the rare chance of having Sunday off from work. (Usually my job requires me to work weekends…but this was a random exception.) Instead of my usual lounging around watching Netflix like I usually do on my days off, my boyfriend told me to be ready by noon to be picked up. I had no idea where we were going, but I was definitely happy with the destination.

I’ve been talking about wanting to go to San Diego for a few months now. I’d never been, and it seemed so beautiful in some areas and just somewhere I wanted to explore. Whether it was going to visit the San Diego Zoo, Downtown, or hanging out a random beach, I simply wanted to go to finally see what I’ve been procrastinating on doing for the past two years of living in Southern California.

After driving south for about an hour and a half, we pulled up to this beautiful beach called La Jolla Cove. We parked and walked a bit of a distance to visit this cute little shop called “The Cave” that actually had an entrance to an underground tunnel. For only $5 per person, we were allowed to walk down this underground staircase, which lead to this neat cave with a view of the ocean and the outline of a man’s face. Hundreds of people had carved their name into the railings and even along the sides of the cave. It was neat to see a glimpse of how many people had passed through the same place throughout the years.

We trekked back upstairs to civilization and hung out on one of the coves overlooking the ocean. We actually ended up sitting right next to a baby seal lounging around in the sun on its own. It was so cute! The view was so gorgeous and the weather was absolutely perfect. We concluded the night in Downtown San Diego eating at a Mexican restaurant we found on Yelp, which was pretty good. But then again, at that point I hadn’t really eaten anything all day so just about anything would have tasted good.


Overall it was such a lovely day. I hadn’t done something spontaneous like that in a very long time (or ever….I can’t even remember) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! One of my goals for this year is to explore more of Southern California and travel more, so I’d say I’m already off to a good start!

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