First Day of My New Internship!

Yesterday I started my first post-graduation job! I’m currently one of the two social media interns for an online clothing boutique, and I’m ridiculously excited to see how everything unfolds! I figured I’d write a few posts to track my progress throughout this internship, to see where I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned! It’s a three month internship, so I’ll probably write something for the beginning, a mid-internship update, and finally the end!

First Day Interning!

First Day on the Job:

What I Did: Today was technically orientation day. I met the other intern, was introduced to everyone around the office, took a tour of the office and the warehouse, had a meeting with my bosses to go over the basic expectations for social media and what to expect from the internship, and then spent the rest of the time scheduling and planning posts for their social media platforms within the following week! I also learned that I can actually drive back to my apartment and have a quick ten minute lunch back home in case I don’t have time to pack anything or I don’t feel like buying food nearby. Overall it was a great day!

What I’ve Learned: Since it was only the first day, I was trying to soak in as much as possible. I learned quite a bit about which social media platforms preformed the best, as well as how the company uses each platform in different ways and analyzing the results. It was very much an overview of expectations and generalization of what we’re going to be tackling in the future.

How I Felt: I was actually super excited and comfortable the entire time. The only time I felt nervous was right before I arrived because I kept hitting every stop light possible and even got stuck behind a train on the way…resulting in my arrival being later than I preferred. But everyone was super nice and welcoming, which made me feel more comfortable in the process!

Overall I’m very excited for this internship, especially since it could potentially lead to full time employment afterwards. For the longest time (even before I created this blog), I’ve wanted to explore a career that somehow involved creativity and social/digital marketing and media. This job sounds absolutely perfect, and  I can’t wait to see what our team is going to accomplish in this next couple of months!

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