Minimalist Challenge: Day 11 – Evaluate Commitments

This was an interesting task for the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. Really facing the facts and looking at what I commit most of my time to during an average day wasn’t necessarily easy to face, because I know I could be more productive in certain areas of my life. Here’s what I discovered when I wrote down everything I’m committed to (in no particular order):


My Commitments

Work – I’m very committed to my current job. Every day I strive to do my best, and I’ll definitely start applying this habit to my second job/internship I’m starting in February.

Friends & Family – These people have always been a HUGE priority in my life. I always put them first. If they’re ever going through a tough time or need someone,  I make sure I’m there for them and do what I can to help in any way.

Blogging/Writing – This is rather obvious since I’ve been blogging for over four years now (WOW), and have loved writing since elementary school. I’ve talked about this many times so I won’t go into too much detail right now.

Netflix – This is honestly one I’m not too proud of…but I’m definitely committed to watching shows for hours on end. I know if I curb this habit I could easily be more productive and accomplish some of my other goals more easily, but I just love watching shows. I think I just need to stop watching them continuously in one sitting. Easier said than done, sadly.

Reading – I’m really glad that I’ve been getting into reading for fun more now that school is over. I’ve been over this a few times in previous blog posts as well so I won’t go into to much unnecessary detail.

School (not anymore) – When I was in school, I was incredibly dedicated. I rarely missed class, always finished assignments on time, and made sure to study as much as possible to prepare for exams. I never wanted to be the lame duck in a group project, which thankfully I don’t think I ever earned that title. Now that I’m not in school, this committed time should hopefully go to something new that I’ve been meaning to work on in the recent years.

What I Should Add

Health – I need to be more committed to my overall health. I’m not an unhealthy person, I wouldn’t say…I rarely get sick. But when it comes to eating healthy and working out, I’m not really on top of my game as much as I’d like to be.

Morning Routine – I discussed the struggle and my lack of a morning routine in a previous blog post, but this needs to change. Yesterday I actually woke up around 8 am and loved how much time in the day I had to do whatever I wanted. I actually got everything done! Unfortunately, going to bed early enough to get up that nearly naturally is going to be the hardest habit to build, especially when work has me working until 11:15 at night every weekend, and sometimes later.

Exploring – I’m slowly getting better at this, but I need to take advantage of my free time (which is going to greatly diminish next month when I start an internship as my second job) and go out and explore the area more. I had a great time in LA last weekend with my friend, even if things didn’t go as we had planned.

What are some of your commitments? Good or bad?

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