Minimalist Challenge: Day 10 – No Social Media

I found it interesting that after the first day of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge (stay offline all day), they still had a day that required you to stay away from email and social media until lunchtime. Either way, it was a good challenge for me and a reminder that there are plenty of other things to do in the morning besides stay on my phone for an hour after I wake up.

My Experience: I actually forgot about this challenge at first, but quickly realized my errors as soon as I logged on to Instagram. I might have cheated a little bit because I’ve been waking up most mornings around 11 am…leaving only an hour or so until lunch. Essentially, I only had to stay off of social media for an hour…and I still failed. As soon as I realized that I was supposed to remain off of these apps for the morning, I focused on other things such as reading until I finally felt like it was time to get out of bed.

What I Learned: I depend on social media in the morning way too much. In fact, it’s probably the main reason why I’m so lazy when I wake up first thing in the morning. Instagram and Facebook are definitely my biggest culprits for these habits. I most likely should try and stop using my phone first thing in the morning, but that’s certainly going to take quite a bit of practice.

Short and sweet today!

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