LA Adventure: Whimsic Alley

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Our faces when we discovered everything was closed *womp*

This last Saturday a friend of mine, Raisa, from out of state came to visit. Our goal for the day was to drive to Glendale to visit the Walt Disney Studios and Disney Imagineering. I had never been to either of these places, so I was rather excited. Since one of my goals for the new year is to explore more of Southern California (I really just need to get over driving in LA traffic), I thought this was a perfect opportunity.

Sadly, we didn’t realize that both Imagineering and the Studios were closed on Saturdays. We found ourselves in a slight pickle. Thankfully, Raisa was supposed to meet someone in the area to participate in an interview for her friend’s podcast, so we met up with him at a local Starbucks and I got to witness the interview take place. I’ve actually done a few podcast interviews myself, but each time was over the phone. It was pretty neat to see it in person and experience both sides of the story.

IMG_6870Ri actually came up with a great idea since we didn’t have any other plans in the area: visit
Whimsic Alley. She was shocked when she discovered I hadn’t even heard of the place, which solidified the need for us to go even more. I soon found out that Whimsic Alley is this amazing shop in LA with merchandise to fill any fandom’s desire. Before we even walked inside the shop I was already super excited to see Sherlock merch in the display window.
As soon as I walked in I made a very inhuman squeal (which tends to happen when I see things from my favorite shows or cute animals). Right in front of me was a huge photo of Jon Snow, followed by an entire room filled with Game of Thrones merchandise and a replica of the iron throne itself. I was especially freaking out when I entered the Doctor Who room, quickly followed by the area themed for anything and everything Harry Potter.

The most dangerous room for me was one that had various nerdy coffee mugs on display. If there’s one bad habit I’ve definitely developed over the past year, it’s purchasing coffee mugs. I first started this collection when I wanted to buy a mug themed after every attraction I work in Disney…but it’s only grown from there. Needless to say, I definitely walked out of there with a Doctor Who mug. It was too cute to say no!

Apparently there’s a Great Hall and Hogwarts themed area further into the store, but it was being used for a private event and we weren’t allowed inside (boo). Regardless, I absolutely loved this store and definitely recommend any fellow nerd to check it out if they’re ever in the LA area!

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