Minimalist Challenge: Day 9 – Downsize Beauty Collection

Minimalist Challenge: Day 9 – Downsize Beauty Collection

I’ve always been rather minimal when it comes to makeup and beauty. I’ve only recently started to explore more different kinds of products and techniques for makeup. Through this recent growth of interest and exploration, this day’s task for the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge was a perfect way for me to look back and see if I actually used all of the makeup I own.


My Experience: I shuffled through and played out all the contents from my makeup bag on my floor (as shown above). To my surprise, I actually use almost every single one of these beauty products on a rather regular basis. The only products I use sparingly are the eyeshadows, but that’s mainly because I originally bought them for cosplays and can’t go too crazy with colors and makeup at work. The only product I might consider throwing out is the liquid eyeliner, but that’s because it’s running low anyway. 

What I Learned: I guess I kind of failed at this day’s challenge, but I know compared to some people this is already a pretty minimal amount of beauty products. I was considering purchasing more soon but now that I’ve evaluated all the products I have, I’ll most likely only buy new products if they have a direct purpose and use for a rather regular look. Even when I cosplay I try and buy clothes and makeup that I can use for normal day-to-day outfits.

Side note: I’m completely behind with doing this challenge on a daily basis, but I’m still doing the best I can to make sure I finish all the way through! One of my friends from out of state came to visit this weekend, and I’m definitely going to write about one of the shops we visited.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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