Minimalist Challenge: Day 8 – Enjoy Solitude

I’ve actually recently been embracing this day’s challenge naturally within the recent months. While I do enjoy hanging out with friends and family, I do value my alone time. For today’s challenge (learn to enjoy solitude), I’m going to reflect on some of my favorite activities to participate in by myself, in no particular order.


How I Enjoy Solitude

  1. Netflix – This is probably no surprise. Binge watching shows is almost a specialty of mine. I remember watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time and finishing all seasons except the final one (which hadn’t aired yet) in only 2-3 weeks over the summer. Not only do I love watching shows, but I also enjoy discovering movies I’ve never seen before. Many times I’ll simply browse around the recommended sections and choose whatever looks interesting in that moment. I’ve discovered a few great movies that I’d never expect to watch this way!
  2. Writing – Again, no surprise here. I probably don’t even need to explain myself with this one, but writing stories and blogging is definitely one of my favorite hobbies to do alone. Diving into my thoughts and imagination without anyone bothering me is incredibly therapeutic.
  3. Reading – I’ve always loved reading. I used to pride myself in reading all the time. I even would stay up at night clenched to a book so excited on what could possibly happen when I turned to the next page. Now, I mainly stay up late watching shows because reading at night makes me sleepy (wow, I’m old). But I do still enjoy reading for fun!
  4. Cleaning – Is this weird? I don’t care. I may not be the biggest neat freak, but one way I’ve learned to really clear my mind and working space if I was working on a big project or assignment is to just start cleaning wherever was needed. Many times it was my bathroom or kitchen. It helped motivate myself to feel productive and eventually continue the productivity to whichever daunting homework assignment was awaiting me afterwards. Plus, it’s always nice to resideĀ in a clean living space!
  5. Working Out – This is something I need to start doing again, but I’m definitely more of the type of person who enjoys working out solo. I have been to the gym or taken Zumba classes with friends before (which probably helped me stay on track with a regular workout schedule), but overall I usually like hopping on the bike or elliptical and read my book and listen to music.

What are some of your favorite activities to do alone?

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