Minimalist Challenge: Day 6 – Follow a Morning Routine

I usually have a morning routine when I have class or have a shift in the morning, but on my days off or if I work a closing shift I’m unfortunately rather lazy until I absolutely need to do something. When I approached this day’s challenge to follow a morning routine, it was on a day off, so I was curious to see how and if I’d actually follow through with completing the challenge.


My Experience: The night before I had a feeling I was going to keep my lazy habits and not wake up or get out of bed until 11:00 or 12:00…so I made a list in my planner of things I wanted to at least get done before I went out to an early dinner with my friends. I made it incredibly simple: eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, write a blog post, and read. I’m trying to get back into the habit of reading for fun now that I’m done with school, and that becomes difficult when I grow distracted by watching Parks and Rec nonstop for hours on end.

As I expected, the order that I did these tasks was not in the fashion I originally planned. However, I did successfully do everything before opening Netflix or going to dinner. (I didn’t write as many blog posts as I had hoped before starting Netflix, but that’s a work in progress.)


What I learned: Sticking to a morning routine when I don’t have anything to immediately do before noon is actually pretty tough for me. I keep telling myself that I want to fix my sleeping schedule, but no matter how hard I try I always end up going to sleep around two in the morning and waking up at around 10 or 11. I don’t actually enjoy waking up that late and wasting half of my day, but it’s tough to fix when my job requires me to work until midnight every weekend. I’ve read that morning routines can help you become more of a morning person, so maybe this is something I need to try even on my days off in order to finally kick that habit.

Are you a morning person? What helps you wake up in the morning?

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  1. Hey there! I fully understand the struggle of Netflix, especially when Parks & Rec is an option (they just added season 7 so goodbye social life.) I have a very similar sleep pattern, but my spring semester is starting up this week, so mixing classes with work and inevitable studying, I hope to get better with sleeping. I love the morning when I’m up because, even if I don’t do much with my morning, it’s nice being awake and, at the very least, watching The Price is Right early enough lol good luck with your mornings <3

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