Minimalist Challenge: Day 5 – Identify Priorities

At first when I read this day’s challenge, I wasn’t quite sure what type of priorities it was asking me to identify. After discussing some ideas with my roommate, I sat down and thought about everything I consider important in my life. From there I was able to discover what I consider a priority in my life, and thus this list was born! (Note: This list is in no particular order. I couldn’t decide which ones were more important than the others after a certain point.)

My Top 5 Priorities

  1. Relationships – This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic relationships (beings that I’ve been single for almost two years now), but the relationships my family and friends are extremely important to me. I love my family and friends, and always consider them top priorities in my life because I find all of them absolutely wonderful.11-Simple-Tips-to-Improve-Self-Confidence-1
  2. Myself – Last year was dedicated towards improving myself. This included improving my self-confidence, doing my best in school, taking care of my health, and identifying what brings me happiness. 2014 was a particularly rough year for me, but after making myself a priority, I really noticed a difference in my overall wellbeing and happiness, which is something I think everyone should try at some point in their lives.main-img
  3. Education – I’ve always put my education and learning experience at the top of my list of personal priorities. Homework and studying always came first, and now that I’ve finished school I don’t expect the learning to halt here. I’m constantly researching ways to improve either my blogging/writing, learn new exercises, new hairstyles…anything. I definitely want to learn the basics and eventually more advanced Photoshop skills once I buy a new laptop. It’s definitely something I want to learn within the next few months.medium
  4. Work Happiness – In the recent year, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall satisfaction when I’m actually enjoy what I do when I go to work. Sure, some days are more rough than others (no job is perfect), but as I grew closer to finishing college I knew one thing was certain: I need a job that I love. I need to enjoy getting up every day with the thought of looking forward to going to work. Of course, I’m not expecting to land my absolute dream job right off the bat after finishing school, but looking forward this is something I prioritize for my life in the long run.iStock_000021431921XSmall_610_300_s_c1_center_center
  5. Creativity – Even the tagline for my blog contains this word. My life has been filled with creative outlets: piano, writing, reading…the list can go on forever. I’m always my happiest when I can express myself in some way creatively, which is why this is one of my top priorities.

There you have it! My top five priorities! What are some of the priorities you have in your life?

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