Minimalist Challenge: Day 4 – No Complaint Day

Minimalist Challenge: Day 4 – No Complaint Day

I’m so sorry I skipped a few days in the challenge! My family came to visit so I was actually planning on taking a few days off to focus on vacation with them. I’m going to be playing a bit of catch up the next few days, starting with day four of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge: No Complaint Day. I actually gave this a shot last Thursday, and can’t say I made it through the entire day without complaining. It’s interesting to think about, and not really a quality I’m very aware of myself unless I’m purposefully talking negatively about something consistently.


My Experience: Starting off my day with zero complaints was rather difficult when I┬áheard that my family’s flight was delayed at least an hour. I definitely complained a few times about it to my friends. A few of my friends were also having not so great days, which lead to them complaining and me trying my best to remain positive or neutral (and not doing a very good job). However, as soon as I left my apartment to get groceries for the weekend and checked in to our hotel, I was much more successful at having a positive attitude and avoiding negative complaints for most of the night.


What I Learned: Keeping yourself aware of your own negative words or complaints is actually rather difficult. It’s so easy to complain about something, whether it’s about tedious every day tasks or events out of your control. It’s also pretty hard to avoid complaining when your friends are ranting about something upsetting them. Many times, they just want to vent and spew out the negative thoughts before moving on without hearing anything constructive or positive from other people. I know personally when I’m going on a rant about something, hearing someone say, “Chin up, it’ll get better” doesn’t help in the slightest. In fact, it makes me more annoyed.

What I think would be interesting is if someone kept a notepad filled with all the complaints someone said in a day. I was debating on doing this for this day’s challenge, but sadly never did. This reminds me of why I love to write in a journal every once in a while. I used to journal much more when I was younger, but I noticed that if I’m having a particularly rough day or time in my life, writing down all the negative thoughts and feelings I had helped me move forward quicker and complain to other people much less. It felt out of my system, and I was able to move on to more positive thoughts and actions. I’d definitely give journaling a try if you haven’t already!

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