Minimalist Challenge: Day 3 – Digitally Declutter

Minimalist Challenge: Day 3 – Digitally Declutter

This was probably the easiest “challenge” so far. Day three of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge asks you to declutter your digital life. Every once in a while I actually already do this on my laptop and iPhone, especially at the end of a semester. Much like little Wall-E, I don’t like feeling like I’m swimming in files on my desktop or applications on my phone.


My Experience: Whenever I declutter and organize my digital life, I go through all of my documents and downloads on my laptop and see which ones I can send to the trash. Most of the time I find random downloads that I used once as a reference for a homework assignment, or old pictures already backed up on my external hard drive. This time I also checked my applications and deleted some that I haven’t used in a few years. Since I recently switched from Google Chrome to Safari as my default browser, I also edited my favorites and bookmarks bar down to only sites I actually use regularly.

On my phone, I actually gutted out plenty of unnecessary apps during the day I remained offline for most of the day. I also went through and deleted plenty of photos that I don’t need that are already on my computer, as well as old text message conversations taking up much more space on my phone than I expected.

Those are really the main things I do to declutter my digital life. Since it’s a rather routine task for me, this wasn’t much of a challenge and only took a few minutes to complete!

What I Learned: It’s honestly rather therapeutic to delete and reorganize your smart phone or computer every once in a while. Filtering through those unnecessary downloads or deleting old photos to create more space on your phone is a great way to feel more organized. I’m actually aiming to get a new laptop soon, so I can’t wait to have a fresh start with something new and already organized!

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