Netflix Binge: Young and Hungry

When I heard that Emily Osment was going to be in a new show on ABC Family, I grew curious. Yes, I was one of those people who watched Hannah Montana…I admit. However it’s always interesting to see where some of those child actors go after their “glory days” on whatever Disney Channel show they used to be on growing up. Plus, Ashley Tisdale is one of the producers, which peaked my interest for the same reasons. (Okay yes I was also a High School Musical and Suite Life of Zack and Cody fan.)


Young and Hungry was basically what I predicted. It’s a simple, feel-good comedy…almost like a Disney Channel show for adults. Food blogger Gabi lands herself a job as a personal chef to an extremely successful and attractive tech maven, Josh. Throughout the show, Gabi concocts ridiculous plans that eventually cause more trouble, whether on matters of friendship, work, or her heart.

I watched the first three episodes back when the show originally aired in 2014, and for some reason never continued until this last week. Of course in classic “me” fashion, I binge watched the rest of season one and two in around two to three days. I grew to really enjoy the show, and really relate to Gabi’s best friend Sofia. No matter how rich or successful any of the characters are, they still have to deal with struggles in their own way. Many times the tough situations are brought on because of Gabi’s terrible plans…but in the end they come together and realize important lessons.


This may sound corny (and it is), but this show is honestly quite a delight. Plus, the outfits Gabi and Sofia wear are absolutely adorable; I want their entire wardrobe. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who’s looking for some cute and simple entertainment. If you’re looking for something to binge, this will definitely be an easy one to breeze through!

Can’t wait to see season three in February!

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