8 Semester Goals: Mid-Semester Update

At the beginning of the semester, I created a quick list of goals I wanted to complete throughout my finals months of college. Now that I’ve completed midterms and I’m officially halfway through the semester, I thought it’d be fun to go through each goal and see the progress I’ve been making (or lack of progress….sadly).


  1. Avoid procrastinating – I have yet to stay up extremely late to work on an assignment, project, or study for a test, which I’m very proud of. During midterms I had a report, slideshow, three exams, and a presentation all in a span of two days, and I still was able to finish everything on time. Managing time is so incredibly important this semester (especially with crazy hours with training others at work), but so far I think I’m holding my own.
  2. Earn at least one “A” in my classes – Still doing my best I can with this one! We’ll see how everything turns out!
  3. Secure a post-graduate internship/job – I haven’t necessarily landed (or applied, honestly), for a “typical” post-grad internship with a big company or in an office…but what I have done so far is get promoted to Working Lead at my attraction, and I’m in the works of starting a huge new project with my roommate that I’m extremely excited about. Everything seems to be falling into place, but so much can happen in two months!
  4. Stick to a workout schedule – While I haven’t set a regular schedule, I definitely have been working out more often in comparison to the past three semesters. I can notice a difference, even if it’s just two times a week at most. What I really need to focus on in sleeping enough; insomnia seems to be rather prevalent with everything going on.
  5. Blog regularly – I can’t say I’m keeping up with this as much as I’d prefer, but I have been working on my social media skills and doing research for a new project that will require plenty of social media marketing and content creation. I’ll still try and blog as regularly as possible, but after I graduate I definitely want to get serious about having a set blogging schedule!
  6. Invest in an iPad – This is something I’ve recently been reconsidering. My computer is from 2011 and is starting to show it’s age when it comes to speed…so I’m starting to lean towards holding out on an iPad and instead saving for a new MacBook for after I graduate.
  7. Start exploring more of SoCal – I’m going to need to push this goal to after I graduate, because I barely have enough time to do anything fun in general, much less go explore places I’ve never been before. School and work together are making this a little too difficult at the moment.
  8. Cook – HAH.

So there you have it! Well..I’m not quite sure what that is but it’s honestly interesting to look back and see these goals, and see which priorities I’ve actually acquired throughout the semester. Group projects are abundant and exams aren’t getting easier. I just can’t wait to be done!

Did you make any semester goals? How have they been working out for you?

Have a wonderful day!

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